Top twitter influencers in Dubai/UAE (Your Vote)

November 9, 2009 — Leave a comment

top-influencersAnother week is over and there’s a lot of things happened last week, but this is the hot topic that got the attention of UAE Twitter Community and that is the top 15 twitter influencers in Dubai  (Sort of, ish) by Steve Vaile of

Some twitter user thinks that the list that Steve Vaile posted is a bit biased and there should be more worthy people that must be included in the list, but Steve Vaile mentioned on his comment that the list was measured based on a metric taken from Diggs WeFollow, he also mentioned that the list that he put up are the users who was a “Dubai” on its profile.

Twitter Analyzer such as WeFollow, Twitter Grader, Twinfluence and others tools with the same concept, are tools that analyze twitter users based on follower /following or number of tweets that is being retweeted. By saying that, a user who uses automated tools can easily rank higher than the other even the tweet is not useful enough to engage a conversation.

Because of that, UAE twitter Community commented a lot on this topic which I think become a trending topic in last week. You can check users tweet about the topic here and here.

So how we can measure who must be included in the list of top twitter influencers in the UAE?

In my opinion the only best way to gauge who must be included in the list, is to ask people in the UAE twitter community.

So I made a twtpoll for you to choose who do you think is the best twitter user that must be included in the list of top twitter influencers in the UAE.

There will be a 2 round of voting, the first 1st round is to choose twitter user/s in the list that you think influence you in twitter. (The twitter users that are included in the poll is taken from Alexander McNabb Blog blog post  “A Load of Twits”)

The second round will be the results of the first round poll. I will get top 20 users that has a highest vote on the first round and will carry over on the second round. Twitter user will then vote by ranking the user for the final top 10.

At the end of second round the Top 10 twitter influencers in the UAE will be revealed.

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