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This week’s search engine news round up: Google Caffeine, Firefox’s 5th Birthday, Google & Bing closed deal with Twitter, PubCon Vegas 2009, and 20 Twitter Lists for the SEO Industry.

Here at SEODubai.Org, we strive to bring you not only the freshest optimization techniques *cough* cheats, but we’ll also give you the hottest news from the industry.

We can’t promise to deliver you weekly updates, but we promise we’ll keep an eye for the most important news for your SEO, PPC, social media, and online marketing endeavors. …continue reading Search Engine News RoundUp (Nov. 6-13, 2009)

Yes! #dubaimetro is currently trending in twitter, after I made my account into a “spammer” inviting people to tweet the hashtag #dubaimetro to reach to the trending topic, atleast we made it!.

Wrong move for me good for #dubaimetro, followers complained for my massive spam invitation to tweet #dubaimetro hashtag. so I apologize to those followers who annoyed my tweet.

Here is screenshot of today’s trending topic in twitter …continue reading #dubaimetro is now trending in Twitter

TwitterIf you are twitter user from the UAE and looking for people that talks about social media networking & social media events, Programming, Blogging, SEO, startups, tech & gadgets, web application in the UAE. Below are the lists of people that I recommend you to follow. This list of people can give you a lot of useful information, resources and not only that; you can also have a conversation with them about any subjects that I mention above.

Social media like Twitter, shouldn’t only administer links to blogs or convey articles to your followers that’s why I have excluded other users in my list  because I felt that their only motive was to send links and nothing else, because Social Media is more on interaction. So if you want to use Twitter and your intention is only to send links, I guess it wouldn’t help you nor your company in optimizing your social media account unless you are a publisher company.

The list is in no any particular order… …continue reading 20 Social Media users in the UAE that You Must Follow on Twitter

After my last post about “twitter tools that you must have”, here is my next topic which is 5 reasons why I think twitter is great tool for business.

First, oi! What is Twitter?

Twitter is an instant messaging made available to the public and you can talk about as much as anything with a limited of 140 characters. It began in 2006 and become a massive following since then. …continue reading 5 reasons why I think twitter is great tool for business

If you are a twitterholic and If you love the micro-blogging platform Twitter as much as I do. I’ve put together a list of twitter tools, plug-ins and apps designed for us Twitterholics.. If you are interested go and continue reading. …continue reading List of twitter tools that you must have