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round1ends-top-twitter-influencers-uaeRound 1 of  ”Top twitter influencers in Dubai/UAE (Your Vote)” ended last November 14. After 85 votes  that has been cast in 113 UAE twitter users, The poll result speaks for itself who are those among tweeple moves to the second round of the top twitter influencers in the UAE.

The first round results is pretty interesting but it will be more exciting once we see the final results of second round which we can see the specific ranking of this influencer tweeple.

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top-influencersAnother week is over and there’s a lot of things happened last week, but this is the hot topic that got the attention of UAE Twitter Community and that is the top 15 twitter influencers in Dubai  (Sort of, ish) by Steve Vaile of

Some twitter user thinks that the list that Steve Vaile posted is a bit biased and there should be more worthy people that must be included in the list, but Steve Vaile mentioned on his comment that the list was measured based on a metric taken from Diggs WeFollow, he also mentioned that the list that he put up are the users who was a “Dubai” on its profile. …continue reading Top twitter influencers in Dubai/UAE (Your Vote)

If you are into social media, twitter and facebook is not the only social media tools for you to dominate the social media networks. It’s only 1 in 999 steps or more for you to succeed in social media.

I am not going to focus more on global social media website, what I am going to do is give you some list of social media in the middle east which I believe you still don’t know that is existing.

Why do you need a social media account in the Middle East?!.. It’s very simple, if you are looking for a middle east audience for your website or products that you want to promote or should we say branding awareness, If you want to collaborate, networking, public relations, customer service or just study the middle east social media market then you will need an account in social media website that focus more in the middle east.

They are not many but this list of social media website in the Middle East will help you to start building and optimizing your social media account. To start with, below are the lists of Social Media Website in the Middle East. …continue reading Social Media in the Middle East that you can use

Yes! #dubaimetro is currently trending in twitter, after I made my account into a “spammer” inviting people to tweet the hashtag #dubaimetro to reach to the trending topic, atleast we made it!.

Wrong move for me good for #dubaimetro, followers complained for my massive spam invitation to tweet #dubaimetro hashtag. so I apologize to those followers who annoyed my tweet.

Here is screenshot of today’s trending topic in twitter …continue reading #dubaimetro is now trending in Twitter

TwitterIf you are twitter user from the UAE and looking for people that talks about social media networking & social media events, Programming, Blogging, SEO, startups, tech & gadgets, web application in the UAE. Below are the lists of people that I recommend you to follow. This list of people can give you a lot of useful information, resources and not only that; you can also have a conversation with them about any subjects that I mention above.

Social media like Twitter, shouldn’t only administer links to blogs or convey articles to your followers that’s why I have excluded other users in my list  because I felt that their only motive was to send links and nothing else, because Social Media is more on interaction. So if you want to use Twitter and your intention is only to send links, I guess it wouldn’t help you nor your company in optimizing your social media account unless you are a publisher company.

The list is in no any particular order… …continue reading 20 Social Media users in the UAE that You Must Follow on Twitter