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Earlier this week we were talking about the specificities of SEO for eCommerce – so why not do our five point SEO review on an eCommerce site this week?  We’ll be looking at all the usual SEO review areas, but with a sector-specific slant on things. is an eCommerce site for the Carrefour hypermarket chain in the UAE.  There’s a huge range of products on offer, from mobile phones to pushchairs; Flash drives to garden furniture; shampoo to subwoofers.  With so many products, it’s a complex site.  So what can be done, or what’s already being done, to help the site rise to the top?

Carrefour UAE SEO

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This week’s SEO audit looks at – Al Tayer Motors, a UAE car dealership, and part of the Al Tayer Group. They represent some well known brands – including Jaguar, Ferrari and Maserati, and have multiple sales locations in the UAE including Dubai and Sharjah.

Al Tayer Motor SEO

Covering the Basics

A site: search brings up the official pages first, so it doesn’t look as if there are any penalties in effect.  PageRank is pretty low, at just 1, but robots.txt isn’t blocking any key pages so you’d hope that that would increase over time.  Unfortunately I can’t see either an HTML or XML Sitemap, which means that search engine spiders (and users) are going to have a hard time finding their way around the site.  URLs are for the most part well-propogated.

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Today’s SEO  review is going to look at My Metro Talk - and specifically, MyMetroTalk Dubai.  It’s a “What’s On” listings site, covering the familiar social territory of Restaurants, Culture, Bars & Clubs, but with the addition of some elements which don’t usually turn up in city listings sites – namely Education, and Live & Work.  The latter two in particular offer some great options for depth of content and user experience.

My Metro Talk

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