SEO News Roundup 30/11/12

November 30, 2012 — Leave a comment

For this week SEO news roundup. We are going to look on some of the update from Search Engineland, SEOMoz, SEO News and from Barry Schwartz of

  • bing logo 200Bing have finally published its webmaster guidelines.  Check the verdict from Matt McGee at Search Engine Land?  Neither as comprehensive nor as far-reaching as Google’s:

“Bing’s Webmaster Guidelines touch on things like links and social media in very general terms, and go into a bit more depth on SEO and technical website topics. But they aren’t nearly as detailed nor comprehensive as what Google offers…” 

This could get interesting.  

  • Also at Search Engine Land, and also from Matt McGee, overall desktop search activity was up 8% from last month, and both Google and Bing have reached an all time high in the search market share, at least in the US.  If you ever had any doubt that this was anything but a two horse race, then I’m afraid that you’re wrong.

“Google’s market share rose two-tenths of a point, from 66.7 percent in September to 66.9 percent in October. Bing gained a tenth of a point and reached 16 percent in October.” comscore bing google


I want to talk today about a prediction that I’ve got around not the complete death of anchor text, but that anchor text is actually diminishing as a signal and being replaced by something else, something Google has gotten very clever about. I think Bing is using it as well. That is co-citation, so co-citation of terms and phrases along with a brand or a link, and I’ll show you what I mean.”anchor text is dying


  • Nothing’s been confirmed but there’s definitely something in the air, Barry Schwarz at SearchEngineLand has been hearing reports about some sort of “significant” Google update.

Google tells us there was no Panda update over the weekend but is not confirming or denying if there was another type of update over the weekend.”

And Google said… Well not much really…



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