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The ripples of Panda and Penguin will be felt for some time, and one of the areas most affected will be SEO copywriting.  It’s a change for the better, even if it seems a little idealistic, for those of us who’ve become jaded by the proliferation of black hat techniques in the industry, and the proliferation of poor-quality content. SEO Quality Content

Mike Beeson at SEO-News says that like it or not, quality copy is what underpins the new building blocks of SEO in a post-Panda, post-Penguin world.  It’s a return to fluency:

“…  the current definition [of SEO copywriting] is now more likely to emphasize traditional copywriting skills. These are: clarity and fluency of style and syntax that maximize, in full, the usefulness of whatever content is available.”

Whether or not it pans out quite like remains to be seen, but in the meantime let’s keep our fingers crossed… Read the full article here.


Dr Pete at SEOMoz asks if Google is messing with us when it comes to SERP fluctuations, and thinks on balance, no – and that you shouldn’t worry too much about temporary fluctuation.  Some excellent, deep-stats analysis.

“…however unpredictable you think rankings are, it’s actually much worse. For example, in the 30 days prior to writing this post (10/11-11/9), just over 80% of SERPs we tracked changed, on average, every day. Now, some of those changes were small (maybe one URL shifted one spot in the top 10), and some were large, but the fact that 4 of 5 SERPs experienced some change every 24 hours shows you just how dynamic the ranking game has become in 2012.”

Read the full article: 

A year ago, Google started listing a small percentage of search referrers as “not provided.”  These turned out to be signed-in Google Accounts, and in a fairly convoluted explanation, Google claimed it was for safety reasons – unless you were a PPC customer, of course.  I’m still a little suspicious…


Barry Schwartz at SearchEngineLand comments on how, one year on, those Google search referrers being listed as “not provided” reaches 39% of all traffic, as a hundred data-hungry SEOs scream in pain:

Optify conducted a study over eleven months with 424 web sites, involving 17,143,603 visits and 7,241,093 referring keywords, to see how serious the “not provided” issue is….The study found that 39% of terms are withheld.”

Some great links exploring the issue of “Dark Google” and more stats here:


Josh McCoy at SearchEngineWatch gives a great how-to in increasing Google’s crawl frequency and why it matters:

While reviewing the pages crawled per day in Google Webmaster Tools, I noticed that out of the gate we had an instant crawl of nearly all site pages.

I passed this on to the client for which I got the quick reply of, “Why is it crawling more pages now than it used to crawl?”

Seeing this reminded me yet again of all the reasons why sound SEO practices on-site can help aid in crawl frequency enhancement.”

Read the full article here:

And finally…


Dylan Thomas at Search Engine Journal works to outrank, er, Dylan Thomas: - an amusing read with some interesting tips on how to increase your ranking!



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