It seems odd that an actor who portrayed a supporting role on a show that disbanded before more social media users were even born is a Facebook superstar. But there is no denying it, Star Trek’s Sulu, aka George Takei is a social superstar with his over two and a half million fans on Facebook and over half a million Twitter followers. And these numbers are still growing—quickly! …continue reading Soaking-Up Social Cues from Sulu: What George Takei can Teach you About Social Media Marketing

SEO has seen massive growth throughout the years, and had its beginnings in the early nineties. Fast-forward to 2012, and this tool might be the best bet any company has in its efforts to create a brand that is recognizable online. With the number of worldwide internet users currently peaking at more than 2 billion as of 2011, the internet is the new frontier when it comes to marketing and brand creation. In this post, we’ll take a look at some pertinent statistics on the penetration of the internet and SEO in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region, and give you five ways in which SEO can boost your company profile. …continue reading 5 Ways In Which SEO Can Boost Your Company Profile

SEO Guide for eCommerce

November 19, 2012 — Leave a comment

With more and more eCommerce sites popping up internationally as well as locally, it seems like a good time to talk about the specificities of SEO for this area.  The number of products and links present particular challenges, as does the spectre of duplicate content in multiple locations.

SEO Guide eCommerce

Hang on, isn’t SEO for eCommerce just the same as regular SEO?

First things first – no, not really.  Apart from the factors discussed above, it’s not just about getting web traffic, but about converting that traffic into sales, which puts a different slant on things.  Most eCommerce SEO strategies will concentrate on content, using long-tail keywords to ensure that the site’s tailored to those actually looking to buy.  And yes, good content, that hasn’t just been copy-and-pasted from the product manufacturer, is a good start.  But you need to look beyond that if you’re looking to maximise the benefits of SEO and turn that traffic into sales.

Where eCommerce sites deal with a huge number of products, and types of products, you’re looking at a vastly increased pool of potential keywords.  Sitemaps, navigation and URL structure can get out of hand.  Competition can be fierce – so how do you stand out from the crowd? …continue reading SEO Guide for eCommerce

The ripples of Panda and Penguin will be felt for some time, and one of the areas most affected will be SEO copywriting.  It’s a change for the better, even if it seems a little idealistic, for those of us who’ve become jaded by the proliferation of black hat techniques in the industry, and the proliferation of poor-quality content. SEO Quality Content

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This week’s SEO audit looks at – Al Tayer Motors, a UAE car dealership, and part of the Al Tayer Group. They represent some well known brands – including Jaguar, Ferrari and Maserati, and have multiple sales locations in the UAE including Dubai and Sharjah.

Al Tayer Motor SEO

Covering the Basics

A site: search brings up the official pages first, so it doesn’t look as if there are any penalties in effect.  PageRank is pretty low, at just 1, but robots.txt isn’t blocking any key pages so you’d hope that that would increase over time.  Unfortunately I can’t see either an HTML or XML Sitemap, which means that search engine spiders (and users) are going to have a hard time finding their way around the site.  URLs are for the most part well-propogated.

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