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This week’s search engine news round up: Google SPDY Project, Site Speed Ranking Factor, Google BreadCrumb SERPs, Microsoft-Yahoo Finalize Search & Online Advertising Deal.

Dubai’s weather has been getting better and better by the day. I just missed the rain today but I loved the cool breeze on my walk home (Yup my crib is just 20 minutes walk away from office, how sweet is that?!).

So what’s up with this week’s Search Engine News? Well nothing much… We have announcements mostly from Google and let’s see 2 giants finalizing their collaboration deal. So let’s get on it…

I’d always start with my favorite updates and for this week it would have to be Matt Cutt’s presentation on the recentGoogle PubCon 2009. It was not an official announcement (which Google hardly does especially in disclosing search elements), but Matt Cutts discreetly implied  that site speed would be a possible ranking factor in 2010. Although I would assume site speed would not be a heavy-weighted ranking element, it will be a noteworthy action. Important note: we are not advocating that you do major changes on your site just to anticipate this update. But if you do build a site, redesign, re-brand, etc., do consider CSS, java, image files as well as codes and scripts that actually affect your site’s loading speed. This is Google’s attempt to make the web efficient and faster for users.

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This week’s search engine news round up: Google Caffeine, Firefox’s 5th Birthday, Google & Bing closed deal with Twitter, PubCon Vegas 2009, and 20 Twitter Lists for the SEO Industry.

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Welcome SEO Dubai Team

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Yes finally! After a lot of thinking, talking, drinking I decided to make this website solely focused into SEO / SEM to become an Online  Community . will start with a couple of authors who will contribute in this blog and hopefully we will grow in the future. …continue reading Welcome SEO Dubai Team

shooftvDo you still remember the 250K AED cash prize video competition last 2007? A blown up ads around UAE to advertise their contest which is “Upload Your Video & Win”. Yes! That’s right they are the one,

Where are they now?  Do they still exist in the internet? Is there any progress on their website? Have they become successful running their own user-generated video sharing website? Well…Unfortunately not., What went wrong?! …continue reading, What went wrong?!

SEO is Our FriendI stumble a retweet from Dave about SEO stuff, so I decided to click and read it, while reading Dave’s blog it directs me to Tom Gara’s blog post titled “Is SEO our friend? Enemy? Frenemy?

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