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For this week SEO news roundup. We are going to look on some of the update from Search Engineland, SEOMoz, SEO News and from Barry Schwartz of

  • bing logo 200Bing have finally published its webmaster guidelines.  Check the verdict from Matt McGee at Search Engine Land?  Neither as comprehensive nor as far-reaching as Google’s:

“Bing’s Webmaster Guidelines touch on things like links and social media in very general terms, and go into a bit more depth on SEO and technical website topics. But they aren’t nearly as detailed nor comprehensive as what Google offers…” 

This could get interesting.   …continue reading SEO News Roundup 30/11/12

The ripples of Panda and Penguin will be felt for some time, and one of the areas most affected will be SEO copywriting.  It’s a change for the better, even if it seems a little idealistic, for those of us who’ve become jaded by the proliferation of black hat techniques in the industry, and the proliferation of poor-quality content. SEO Quality Content

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Google disavow links tool still dominating

The original announcement may have been made three weeks ago but the big news in SEO this week has still been Google’s launch of the disavow links tool – which, in fact, we wrote about earlier this week.


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Google Tool - Disavow Links

SEO’s hottest news recently has been the release of the Google Disavow Links tool.  During his keynote speech at PubCon on 16th October, Google’s Matt Cutts announced the release, which was then followed by an expansive post in the Google webmaster central blog complete with Q&A and ten-minute video.

April’s Google Penguin update (which looked at, amongst other things, the quality of inbound links in an attempt to target those sites whose ranking had been increased by black hat techniques) led to increasing concerns about negative SEO and the effect of bad past link-building, which led to the launch of massive link-removal campaigns. But it’s hardly a surprise that many of these requests are going unanswered – if you’re really out to hurt the competition it’s unlikely that you’re going comply with a polite request.  Hence the launch of the disavow tool – and the buzz that’s surrounded it. …continue reading New Tool from Google to disavow links

Google Places UAE
Last month Google announced the changing of name from Google Local Business Center to Google Places, aside from that Google also introduce more features: …continue reading Google Local Business Center changed to Google Place and now available in the UAE.