Five-Point SEO Audit: Al Tayer Motors

November 14, 2012 — Leave a comment

This week’s SEO audit looks at – Al Tayer Motors, a UAE car dealership, and part of the Al Tayer Group. They represent some well known brands – including Jaguar, Ferrari and Maserati, and have multiple sales locations in the UAE including Dubai and Sharjah.

Al Tayer Motor SEO

Covering the Basics

A site: search brings up the official pages first, so it doesn’t look as if there are any penalties in effect.  PageRank is pretty low, at just 1, but robots.txt isn’t blocking any key pages so you’d hope that that would increase over time.  Unfortunately I can’t see either an HTML or XML Sitemap, which means that search engine spiders (and users) are going to have a hard time finding their way around the site.  URLs are for the most part well-propogated.

SEO Recommendation: Add an HTML and XML sitemap, submitting the latter to Google to ensure that Googlebot can find all the pages on the site. 


Homepage content is a bit limited, and many of the vehicle descriptions seem to be standard copy.  Apart from the company name, keyword choice is quite generic, and I do wonder if the site would benefit from some more targeted keywords and some longer keyword strings, as well as proper use of <h1> & <h2> tags, for example, and better meta descriptions.

SEO Recommendation: Overhaul the copy, making it more specific to the business, and include titles and headlines which reflect keywords.  This will make the site more engaging, and make it easier for spiders to crawl and index. 


Although navigation buttons are images, appropriate alt text has been used so it’s a little easier to get around.  Even with Javascript and cookies turned off it does seem to work ok.  There’s a little too much flash for my liking (including the splash page) and it may well get in the way of a search engine spider being able to effectively crawl the site.

SEO Recommendation: reconsider use of Flash on the site – is it really necessary? A search engine spider can’t see the Flash.

Al Tayer Homepage

Functionality and User Experience

Although the site speed (tested through Pingdom) is pretty good, there are a number of areas in which there’s room for improvement.  The splash page is frustrating, as is the massive advert that appears in the centre of the home page every time you navigate back.  The pop-up forms aren’t great for accessibility, and social sharing buttons could help word of mouth.

SEO Recommendation: Review the site with an eye to navigation and ease of use, and get rid of any elements which would prevent repeat visits – like the reappearing ad.  Making a site more navigable helps with word of mouth recommendation and organic SEO.


There’s very little internal linking on the site, and little to increase conversion to test drives or site visits.  Although incoming links seem ok, the front page links to external websites could increase bounce rate and don’t say much about the business itself.  Not all internal linking uses keyword-appropriate anchor text.

SEO Recommendation: Internal linking, backlinking and links to other brands will help the site’s ranking by helping the site seem more authoritative.  However, the site owners should beware getting involved in any paid link scheme as they could face penalties. 

In Conclusion…

The site’s got some good features, but there are a number of areas in which they could improve – and reap real business benefits!




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