5 Ways In Which SEO Can Boost Your Company Profile

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SEO has seen massive growth throughout the years, and had its beginnings in the early nineties. Fast-forward to 2012, and this tool might be the best bet any company has in its efforts to create a brand that is recognizable online. With the number of worldwide internet users currently peaking at more than 2 billion as of 2011, the internet is the new frontier when it comes to marketing and brand creation. In this post, we’ll take a look at some pertinent statistics on the penetration of the internet and SEO in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region, and give you five ways in which SEO can boost your company profile.

According to research done by www.stateofresearch.com, internet penetration in the MENA region has seen a growth explosion of 228% in the past two years. Most sites that target this market use English as their medium of communication, but there is rock-solid proof that more content is being created in Arabic, the main language spoken in these countries.

SEO growth in MENA has seen some well-known brands such as Atlantis the Palm improve on their bottom line by personalizing their content to target its customers. The holiday resort sought to increase its web presence by seeking to appear more visibly in organic search results. Their largest foreign inbound markets were targeted, particularly in Europe. At the same time, their other business units such as the Aquaventure Water Park and range of restaurants got a boost thanks to these SEO efforts, allowing the company to have a greater presence across the board, and educating the public about its other projects apart from the resort.

YouTube’s marketing director Matthew Glotzbach stated that every minute, sixty minutes of video is uploaded onto the giant video streaming site from the MENA region. By using appropriate tags that target keywords in your video upload, you are able to create a viral effect that might boost your company profile faster than any offline marketing campaign.

SEO makes it possible for Google and other major search engines to rank your website favorably in a typical search query done by your target clientele. By choosing and working with a set of websites to create quality and memorable content, you can win over new clients, while at the same time seeing real results on your Return on Investment.

Most MENA companies are unaware of the lucrative opportunity that exists in optimizing Arabic content for SEO. A successful SEO strategy must ensure that you take Arabic into consideration, as there are currently 56 million Arabic speaking internet users in this region, with numbers set to increase to 82 million by next year.

Here are five ways in which SEO can boost your company profile in the MENA region.

  1. SEO can direct a substantial amount of traffic to your website from social media sites, blogs and search results. This in turn can create a buzz around your brand, helping get your name out there. This marketing strategy is markedly cheaper than most advertising campaigns, and can be tweaked by using free analytics tools to achieve maximum effect.
  2. SEO allows you to network with industry leaders and equals, helping you form business bonds that may prove beneficial in the long run. A huge part of SEO and having an online presence has to do with reputation and trust. Customers react positively to well-known and respected brands, and are more likely to purchase your goods and services in habit-forming ways.
  3. This strategy enables you to communicate with your customers and find out what they really want. From posing questions on company blogs to encouraging discussions on social media, you’ll be presented with unique insights into the desires, expectations and opinions of target customers.
  4. SEO lets you compete favorably with other businesses in your domain by examining their strategies online and improving on them. Also, the proliferation of mobile phones and hand-held tablets has meant that more people are turning to the World Wide Web to find deals and information on local services and companies, giving you a unique opportunity to optimize your website content for mobile.
  5. Lastly, SEO cuts down on your marketing and advertising budgets by providing you’re with affordable (and sometimes even free) tools that put you in control of the kind of content you want your customers to see.

SEO in the MENA region can no longer be ignored and is a legitimate method that is used by businesses around the world to target key demographics. We hope that this post has opened your eyes to what SEO can do for you as a business. We look forward to your enquiries, suggestions and comments on this topic. Thank you for considering Searchfuse.com as your SEO experts!


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